Monday, October 15, 2012

Really Good Radio

There are amazing resources in radio storytelling and documentaries available free online.  You can stream from websites or subscribe to various podcasts for free on iTunes. Never be bored on a long journey again - get downloading!

Here are some of the best:
This American Life
Produced by Chicago Public Media, This American Life is a hugely successful radio program on NPR that brings its audience amazing stories based around a specific theme every week.

Memorable episodes include: Act V and Middle School.

 Snap Judgement is also from NPR and also features brilliant storytelling - as it says itself - with a beat.

 For those with an interest in Science or just fascinated by the world around us RadioLab is a treasure trove of mad facts and gripping stories.

Episodes include: the Bad Show and What a Slinky Knows.

BBC Radio 4
There are mountains of great stuff available from BBC Radio 4 from documentaries to drama to great comedy...Find some funny here.

Let me know if you've found any other great radio podcasts out there and enjoy :)

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