Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 - We Bid Adieu

If, like me, you've spent your holidays sniffling, sneezing, snorting and generally suffering head-cold induced misery or are just unmotivated to venture outside while the Irish weather combines monsoon and hurricane conditions you may be in need of some good reading material.

I'm a sucker for nostalgic end of year reviews. I think we all like to feel that we've made some progress as one year ends and another begins and looking back over all that has happened reassures us that the year wasn't wasted.  There are tons of reviews of 2012 online at the moment and to save you trawling through the morass I've compiled the best I've found here.

So make some hot chocolate (with marshmallows), huddle closer to the fire for warmth and let your mind take you on a few adventures....

1) Brain Pickings

One of my favourite websites is, a collection of weird and wonderful articles on art, philosophy, creativity, science and much more.  You can subscribe for weekly digests of their best stuff  for free and here are two of their end-of-year pieces that are worth a look:

One for the techie-minded or gadget lovers out there, covers entertainment, science, technology and gaming.

Sitdown Sundays on, which compiles '7 deadly reads' from the week just passed, are always excellent and they've just compiled their own 'Best-of' for 2012 - every single article in this is a fascinating read - clear your schedule!

4) Or maybe you hate end-of-year reviews and faux-nostalgia - in that case David Mitchell of The Guardian has just the article for you.  He skips the long slog of living through 2013 and gives you its end-of-year review now.  On the money as per usual...

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