Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Theatre Must be Seen on a Stage!

Studying a play without seeing it performed on a stage is like studying cookery and never touching food... or studying science and never doing an experiment...or studying music and never listening to a song.

Reading a play might give you the story but it is not giving you the experience the playwright intended and Shakespeare certainly never intended for people to just read his plays.  It's just the theory - not the practice.

To any of the Senior Cycle students studying Macbeth or Junior Cycle students studying Romeo & Juliet who have not yet brought in their money for the Cyclone Repetory Company's shows/workshops after Easter ten euro is a tiny price to pay to see scenes from your play performed on a stage. (If we brought you out to a production it would have cost circa 30 euro between ticket and bus.)

Cyclone Rep have been adapting Shakespearean plays for Second level students for years and are very skilled at combining Globe theatre acting and production styles (ie no sets, men play women etc) and discussion of important themes and issues relevant to your exams.  They're entertaining, irreverent and much more fun way to revise your play than just doing another exam question.

You do not want to miss this show!

Here's a little taste of their work:

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